Its really begun...

This week was the first official week I'm in business.  When I walked away from the business registration office in Hong Kong, I expected to feel a bit different, but the fact was I didn't.  I had a piece of paper to prove that I now officially "own a company".  I almost expected people to see I was different.  But nothing really changed.  

When I announced it to my facebook friends and linked in contacts,  it then became a bit more real.  207 likes and 60 comments, now there is no turning back! Its real.

That's the thing with accountability.  Committing to yourself is one thing... committing to others means you will let people's faith in you down if you don't follow through.  So there it is, I want to make myself proud of what I do but I also want to ensure that those people who believe in me were right to do so. 

So at the end of week one  I've climbed up the spiral staircase and the light is now on at The Talent Lighthouse.