If you're recruiting just a handful of graduates a year, it's hard to justify running your own development programme. But, at the same time, you want to offer those new starters the best possible opportunities, and a compelling reason to support choosing you over the bigger recruiters.  Embark is the perfect solution.  It's a programme run by The Talent Lighthouse that gives your graduate intake all the benefits of a full in-house programme - plus broader networking opportunities, as they share sessions and events with graduates at other employers.

Being part of a class of individuals from across the globe from different industries will allow them to have breadth of learning and experience, widening their network.  Coaching will be offered both individually but also in groups.  Additionally the following components can be part of their programme:

a)    Induction programme

b)   Development pathways tailored to individuals and the companies their come from  

c)    Suite of courses available or identified to help your talent as and when they need them

d)   Forums and best practice sharing

e)    Business projects

f)     Community projects

g)    Networking opportunities

h)   Support for grasping opportunities (e.g. appraisals, promotions, developing relationships with other generations etc)

i)     Speaker series

j)     Professional qualification support

k)    Access to development tracking tool

l)     Alumni programme with conferences/retreats/networking etc.

m)  Conference and graduation

n)   PRISM Brain mapping  and/or Lumina behavioural preferences can be use

Individual Advantages: 

  • Ongoing access to one-to-one coaching from an independent source
  • Opportunities to develop a broad network and learn from other individuals across industries
  • Individual led development – tailored to own specific needs when appropriate
  • Development log/app to keep up to date information about what they have learnt
  • Access to ongoing career tools and advice
  • Peer support through cohort system and then alumni pools

Organisation Advantages:

  • Managed externally by specialists that understand the development of graduates without hiring a specialist
  • Future employees attracted to company investing in individuals’ development and offering similar development programmes to large graduate programmes
  •  Mechanisms to monitor and review talent pipeline, retention and trend

Contact us to find out more at info@thetalentlighthouse.com